As we shift into another stay-at-home period, we’d like to provide another update:

Now that the backlog of Annual General Meetings have been held, our condominiums are back to their ‘regular’ schedules of meetings and maintenance, with a few concessions!  Meetings (both Board and Owner) continue to be held virtually.  Technology is only improving in this area and we continue to receive positive feedback.  Maintenance and projects are going ahead as much as possible, but we are experiencing delays for many reasons: supply chain interruptions, labour shortages, scheduling and of course, our usual unpredictable spring weather.

We are undertaking spring site walks solo this year; this is to protect both the board members and our MF staff members.  On-site meetings with contractors are limited and non-essential work is being postponed as required by legislation.  Indoor amenities are to be closed for the most part.

The MF office remains closed to walk-in traffic; you may call us at 519-824-4208 to schedule an appointment for contact free pick up or drop off.

As always, we ask all to maintain a safe distance of at least 6 feet from others, to wear a mask in any common spaces and to follow all other guidelines as set out by your Board of Directors, your region’s Public Health department and the Province of Ontario.

Note that we will be closed on Friday, April 16th in order to give our staff a much-needed day to relax and recharge.  As always, managers will be available to respond to emergencies at 519-824-4208 or 855-824-4208.

We wish you all a safe and happy spring!