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Are you a condominium unit owner?  If your answer is ‘yes’, then there are forms you will need to complete and submit to  Click on the links below to access the forms.

Yes, I am the new owner of a unit in my condominium.

Fill out the Unit Owner Information; it tells us who you are. This form gives us the name of the unit owner(s), where we can send condo information (such as newsletters), how and where we may contact you, who your emergency contact person is, and vehicle information for who is living in the unit.

Your condominium has a website that will allow you to check on happenings in your community and access other condo-related information. 

You must fill out and submit the Unit Owner Information form above before you can join your condominium’s website as a member.  It will take 5-7 business days for your completed Unit Owner Information to be processed. You will receive your user name and password by email or in the mail if email was not provided. We recommend you change your password after your first log-in.

Will you be leasing or renting your unit?

Fill out the Lease Summary and Would you like to set up your monthly condo fee through automatic withdrawal from your bank account?

Fill out the Condo Fee Pre-Authorized Payment Agreement. Provide a copy of a void cheque.

Has your banking information changed for automatic withdrawal?

Fill out a new Condo Fee Pre-Authorized Payment Agreement with a copy of a new void cheque.

Do you need to cancel your monthly condo fee payments (eg. you have sold your unit)?

Fill out the Condo Fee Payment Cancellation.

Are you interested in purchasing a condominium unit?

Order a status certificate by clicking on the box above.

Are you an owner who would like to view/obtain copies of corporation records? Fill out the Request for Records form and submit to

Is there a form you would like to access via our website?  Email us at to let us know.